Garden Gnome Package

The Garden Gnome Package (GGPKG) is a package format for offline viewing and for content management systems to easily embed your projects into websites.

Use the Garden Gnome Package to view projects offline with our package viewers:

Upload the package to a WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal website to embed projects using our plugins.

The package can be created a few ways and are described below:

Create a Garden Gnome Package

  1. Add an HTML5 output.
  2. Click the Generate Garden Gnome Package button to output the project.

Generate Garden Gnome Package

✭ Any assets added to the HTML5 output will also be included in the package. This is useful for when you need to bring external files into the package.

Create a Droplet that exports a Garden Gnome Package

Droplets are tools that automate the project building for you. Here, you can a droplet that will export a package file.

  1. Add an HTML5 output.
  2. In the HTML panel, choose ggpkg.ggt as the HTML template.
  3. When finished setting up the output, go to the Toolbar and choose File > Save as Droplet….

Once the package is created, you can open it in one of the viewers mentioned above or upload it to a CMS.

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