Add a Polygon Hotspot

Polygon hotspots require you to draw a shape as opposed to creating a single point of interactivity.

To add a polygon hotspot do the following:

  1. In the Viewer, open the Viewer Modes and select the Polygon Hotspot tool.

    Or, simply use the keyboard shortcut, O, to activate Polygon Hotspot mode.

    Polygon Hotspot Mode

  2. Draw the hotspot by first double-clicking in the image. Then move to the next point, click, and continue until the shape is finished. Double-click to finish the shape. It will have a red fill:

    Drawn Polygon Hotspots

    ★ You can also finish the polygon hotpot by pressing the right button or by hitting the ESC key.

To delete a polygon hotspot, do any of the following:

  • Select the hotspot (it will then be red) and hit the delete key. Poof!

  • In List View, select the hotspot and either hit the delete key or click the “x” to the right.

    ★ Tip: Use the History Panel to go back and undo a deleted hotspot.

Customizing a Polygon Hotspots

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