Add a Patch

Learn to quickly add a patch. Patching allows you to non-destructively extract and modify a specified area of the panorama without having to remap or convert the whole image.

Add an Image Patch

  1. Choose the Patches Mode from the Viewer Modes (hover mouse over the icon in the top left corner of the Viewer).

  2. In the Viewer, spin the panorama to the location to be patched.

  3. Double-click in the Viewer to add the patch.
    The patch will be represented by a checkerboard. You can move the patch by clicking and dragging the center. The patch can also be resized by dragging on the red corner handles.
    Add Patch

  4. Open the Properties panel if not already open, to access the Patch’s parameters.

  5. For the Type, select Image.

  6. Keep the Format as a Photoshop file.
    If you have Photoshop (or any photo editor that accepts a photoshop file) installed, Pano2VR will open Photoshop once Extract is hit. You can then edit the patch image.

  7. Click, Extract.

  8. Edit the extracted patch in the photo editor and then save it.

  9. Go back to Pano2VR.
    The panorama will be automatically updated with the edited patch.

✭ Patches are found in a subfolder of the project folder.

Copy and paste patches by activating the patch you want to copy (red) and right-click anywhere in the Viewer. Then choose Copy Active Media Element. Right-click anywhere in the viewer and select Paste Media Element to paste. You can also copy and paste patches in the List View.

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