Lens Flares

A lens flare is the result of light scattering within the camera’s lens. The flare can present itself as haze or as a pattern of artifacts. Here, you can add this artifact to add greater depth and dimension to the image.

Lens Flare Properties

ID – The ID of the Lens Flare which can be used in the Skin Editor.

Type – Choose the type of flare:

  • No Lens Flare
  • Simple Lens Flare
  • Colorful Lens Flare
  • Bright Sun
  • Warm Sun
  • Cool Sun
  • Golden Spotlight
  • Blue Spotlight
  • Red Spotlight

For the Generic Lens Flares, a color picker will appear. You can then adjust the flare’s tint.

Lens Flare Generic

  • Generic Lens Flare 1
  • Generic Lens Flare 2
  • Generic Lens Flare 3

Blinding – How bright the panorama becomes when the viewer is looking towards the light source.

Alpha – Adjusts the flare’s opacity.

Position – Select Lock to lock the lens flare’s position in place.

Pan – Adjusts the flare’s location horizontally.

Tilt – Adjusts the flare’s location vertically.

To move the Lens Flare manually, just drag it in the Viewer.

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