Importing 360 Videos

Import your stitched 360º videos in to Pano2VR.

Add a stitched equirectangular 360º video panorama to Pano2VR by doing any of the following:

  • Click the Input button in the Toolbar and select your video.

  • Drag the video to the Viewer.

  • Drag the video onto the Tour Browser. Pano2VR Pro only

  • Click the folder icon next to File in the Input Video section to navigate to the video.

  • Drag the video to File in the Input Video section of the Properties panel.

  • Right-click in the Tour Browser, choose, Add Panorama, and navigate to the video. Pano2VR Pro only

The video will appear in the Viewer with playback controls.

Pano2VR will automatically extract a poster frame if FFmpeg is installed. The poster frame is a normal equirectangular panorama and is used as a preview image and as a way to add hotspots, sounds, and other Viewer elements. Also, if the browser can’t play back the video, it will show the interactive still instead.

Pano2VR will extract the first frame of the video per default. This can be a problem if the panorama fades in from black. In this case, a black panorama will be the poster frame. To pick a different frame of the video, play the video to the desired position, and click the Grab Frame button (right of the seek bar).

(Optional) Add alternative files in the Properties panel. Here, you can add different resolutions or formats of the main video. This way, the browser will go through the list and play the first video it can play back.

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